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2019/03/11 KNXtoday3月号



Following the recent KNX Association General Assembly in Frankfurt, we were keen to know what the KNX Executive Board’s thoughts are on KNX’s recent achievements and its direction of travel. Our resulting Industry Opinion piece covers various board members’ KNX highlights from last year, what they are looking forward to in the near future, and what their top priorities are for 2019.
Flavio Sanches of ComfortClick provides a fascinating case study of a hotel complex in Greece that uses KNX to reduce energy costs, increase guest comfort and safety, and provide enhanced control for hotel staff.
Our regular columnist, Simon Buddle, makes the case for clear and accurate documentation in helping with installation and programming. He cites real-life examples and gives some great advice on correct procedures, including witness testing and formal handover.
As more KNX Secure products become available, it is essential to understand the practicalities of programming a KNX Secure system using ETS. To this end, our regular columnist, Mark Warburton, provides a brief background to KNX Secure, followed by some excellent programming tips on how to configure KNX Secure systems, and how to enable KNX Secure functions.
We also have plenty of news at the website, plus the resources section which is packed full of useful documents and videos. If you have any projects you would like us to consider for publication, do get in touch, and don’t forget to send a picture of you, your smile and the KNX logo for our ‘Where is KNX?’ gallery!
-Yasmin Hashmi, Managing Editor